Mr. Postman Aftershave Splash

Mr. Postman Aftershave Splash

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The Marvelettes "Please Mr Postman" back in 1961.  Who knew 60 years later those postal employees would be asked the same questions today?  

"You better wait a minute, wait a minuteOh you better wait a minutePlease please Mister Postman (Wait a minute Mister Postman)Please check and see just one more time for meYou better wait, wait a minuteWait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minutePlease Mister PostmanDeliver de letter the sooner de betterWait a minute, wait a minuteWait a minute, please Mister PostmanWait a minute, wait a minute oh oh"

The USPS is referred to as Lite Blue, and for a scent I decided on my favorite cologne I like on my Mr. Postman.  JD is now a full time rural driver in our area (not so much on blade maker anymore), driving his very own Mereces van, and I love the smell of L'Eau Bleue D'Issey Pour Homme cologne on him.   Notes are Rosemary, Lime,  Orange; with Cypress, Juniper Berries, Ginger,  and base notes are Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Sandalwood and Amber. 

Alcohol, Aloe, and Witch Hazel Splash in glass bottle.  Alcohol Free will be shipped where necessary.