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The Ford Galaxie introduced in 1959, featured stainless steel, a whole lot of chrome, and the bright pastel "diamond lustre" colors iconic of the decade.    With a retuned engine for better fuel economy,  this family car was everything clean and classic.  After the recent success with the US space program, the Galaxie took those references and ran with them.  From the very 50's fins and fender skirts to the rocket exhaust tail lights.  Our Galaxie is clean-cut, bright, and keeps the three-toned interior theme, just like the car.  Orange, Bergamot, and Grapefruit mix harmoniously to pack a serious citrus punch.  The soap base will provide plenty of slick, cushioning lather with a recipe of coconut, tallow, soy, and Abyssinian oils.  Grab the matching aftershave and hop on in to cruise to the nearest soda shop. 


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