'49 Lead-sled

'49 Lead-sled

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The original 1949 Lead Sled was created by altering a 1949 Mercury Eight.  The body was altered with the major sheet metal work and filled with, sometimes, hundreds of pounds of liquid lead.  The sleek aerospace influenced designs were chopped, dropped, channeled, and frenched with all factory trim detailing on the outside removed.  These were period hotrods, and slightly futuristic with their "shaved" profiles and electric switches.  Our '49 Lead Slead starts with condensed pure bourbon, to which we add our coconut, tallow, soy, and Abyssinian oils.  Scents of Bourbon, citrus, patchouli, cedar, coffee, and Tonka bean work together to create a smooth, smoky, vanilla bourbon scent.    Pair with our matching aftershave for a sexy,  sleek shave.


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