The Man and The Beast

One new scent and one that has been with Through the Fire for several years, both The Man and The Beast are our nod to beloved classic colognes. Yves Saint Laurent launched L'Homme in 2006 and later, in 2009 brought the dark La Nuit De L'Homme. We could not resist the temptation and created our own version of La Nuit De L'Homme/The Beast in 2016. Keeping with the "Man of the Night" theme the art work featured the eye of the night beast.

With top notes of Cardamom and bergamot, lavender, and cedar, finished off with a warm base of Cumin and Vetiver, the cologne is warm, woody, and spicy. Perfect for the man on the town.

In 2018, we changed things up at Through the Fire with a label and focal shift to Hot Rods. Both my husband and I love classic cars and as I often find myself thinking of scents in colors, the change allowed us to bring in some vintage automobila to our line. Since this shift, we have realized that just as scents bring back memories, classic or vintage cars can do the same.

The Beast morphed from a Hound into a rat rod, chocolate brown, 1940's COE, or Cab Over Engine work truck.

Cab Overs were the precursor to modern Semi Trucks with the weight of the engine over the front axle allowing larger payloads. These trucks were work horses and as such are rare to find now. They were symbols of hard work in a sleek art deco styling, raw power with a smooth finish.

The Man is based on the L'Homme, which begins with scents of ginger, bergamot, and lemon, followed with spices, white pepper, basil and violet leaf, with a base of tonka bean, Tahitian vetiver, and cedar. The blend is a woody, floral, musk type of scent. We paired this with a classic car anyone would love to own, whether vintage or brand new, the Shelby Cobra.

Carroll Shelby approached AC Cars in 1961 with the idea to drop a V8 engine in a two seat sports car. He first approached Chevy for the engine, but was turned down over fears of competition with their Corvette. Realizing an opportunity, Ford gladly provided them with their new light weight, thin wall cast, small block V8. And the legend was born.

Both of these scents are available in shaving and beard care products. Check them out at !

We are privileged to be able to combine our loves of cars, history, pottery, and scents with our customers. Our hearts go out to you all in this difficult and trying time, and I am looking forward to using my time at home to share with you our vision, our stories, and our current projects! Keep checking back I have a lot planned,

Maria Arman

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