Knight: Throwback Thursday

Today I am looking back to one of the first scents Through the Fire produced. In 2012, it was called Ember, and now it is Knight. With a Amber and Spice blend including coriander, cinnamon, vetiver, and sandalwood, the shaving and beard care products have a timeless, classically sophisticated scent. The original soap puck was wrapping in paper in a screw top metal tin.

John Willys bought the Overland Automotive Division from Standard Wheel Company in 1908. In 1912 he renamed the brand Willys Overland Motor Company, and from that day until 1918 they were the second largest automobile producer in the US. The Knight got it's name from a licensing deal with Charles Knight, who was producing a sleeve valve engines. The Overland's directly competed with Ford's Model T, and were more stylish, comfortable, and powerful with a 6" longer wheel base and 12 added horse power. With this step up in style and performance, the Willys Knight was also more expensive. $345 more, which in today's money is $6,500. The company stopped production in 1933.

We chose the Knight as one of our first featured car themed soaps, because living in Michigan we are very aware of Henry Ford and his Model T's. Most people have heard of Willys Jeeps, but not many are aware of the competition the Knight provided. The roaring 1920's started out way to similarly to the 2020's, we would most definitely rather have the most stylish car of era, less the pandemic part. With the asking price of a Vintage Knight $25,000, if you can't find or afford one you can at least experience the smooth dapper scent of the by gone era with our version. Hopefully, it will remind us all that the horrors of pandemics can wipe out the human spirit.


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