DIY Clay Scent Diffusers!

If you are bored at home in quarantine or looking for a fun project to do with kids, these clay scent diffusers are fun to create and make great gifts, especially for Mother's Day. Everything you need to make these pendants can be found in the craft section of your local Walmart. We will walk you through the process step-by-step!

In future orders from Through the Fire, we will be including these little gifts scented with upcoming releases. They make great air fresheners for your home or vehicle (because we love cars!), or to be worn as jewelry.

Items you will need:

-parchement paper

-plastic wrap

-air dry clay

-rolling pin

-baking soda (optional, but can be used to "flour" the surface if you don't have parchment or wax paper)

-small cookie cutters or a shot glass

-texture material to press into clay (ink stamps, buttons, lace, etc all work great)

-straw or pencil to make a hole for cording

-small cup of water for smoothing edges

-sand paper also for smoothing when dry (be careful of inhaling the dust)

-hemp, leather, or ribbon to hang your pendant with (length depending on use)

-alcohol ink, sharpies, or acrylic paint to decorate

-essential or fragrance oils

Let's get started!

With a clean, dry, flat surface lay out a sheet of parchment or wax paper. Open your air dry clay and split in half, making sure to wrap the remainder in plastic as it does dry quickly. Start to knead the clay on the parchment paper to get it soft, smooth, and workable. In pottery, we call that wedging the clay!

Next, with your rolling pin roll the clay out to an even thickness of between 1/8 to 1/4". Flip the clay over and rotate to keep your work smooth and even.

After the clay is rolled out, start to add your decorations with stamps, lace, buttons, marker tops or whatever fun decorative items you have. The air dry clay washes out very easily if you don't let it dry on. We used ink stamps, tiny cutters, marker caps, and costume jewelry to make our decorations. Have fun and leave a bit of space between decorations!

Over of the impressed decorations lay a piece of plastic wrap on the clay. This helps keep your cutters clean and the edges of the pendants smooth and rounded. Cut out around your designs just like cookies! And carefully remove the pendants to a separate sheet of parchment/wax paper where you can cut in the string hole and smooth edges or blemishes using a little water on the tip of your finger. Then allow to completely dry (check the packaging for the recommended drying time).

When you pendants are completely dry if there are any rough edges left you can carefully use sand paper to smooth, just be mindful of not breathing in the dust (doing this outside is a great idea). Then you can decorate with acrylic paint, alcohol ink, or just leave them plain. The indents which you formed with the texturing make channels to hold the fragrance or essential oils. Add a few drops onto your pendant or use a small paint brush to apply and let dry.

To finish your project choose a cord material and length. For air fresheners 6" is a great start you can feed the loop through your car vent and feed the pendant back through the loop. When you run the vents, the oils will provide a gentle scent in the car. Or hang in the bathroom. For a necklace, choose a longer length (18"-22" is an average length) and feel free to add decorative beads too!

Have fun making these and share your finished pendant pictures with us! Next week we will show you how we make similar pendants using pottery clay, glazes, and a kiln. Let us know if you have any questions or ideas you would like us to blog about!

Stay safe!


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