(Formerly Play it Again, Sam)

     In his trench coat and running from the Nazis,  Rick drives to the airport to help Ilsa and Victor escape.  They drive through the darkness in a 1940 Buick.  As a final farewell, Rick tells Ilsa "We'll always have Paris."  The 1940 Buick Roadmaster is as classic as the film.  With a flair for styling and a 320 cubic inch, inline eight engine called the "Fireball," this car is pure golden age elegance.  Built on the biggest non-limousine frame available, the true beauty of the Roadmaster was it's built-in luxury and comfort.  Restored Roadmasters are said to rival modern cars for comfort, and a shave with our soaps will rival any modern shave.  The scent is a classic, bright bergamot and citrus, followed by ginger, pepper, sandalwood,  and tobacco.  Only 529 1940 4 door convertibles were ever made, making the car, the movie, and our shaving products exceptional.