1918 Knight ​

     1918, 102 years ago, when WWI raged and finally came to an end.  Life could begin again and could ease into the new era of Jazz.  If you had extra cash, the American luxury car for you would have been the Willy's Knight Overland.  Starting at a price of $2,500 ($44,000 in today's money) the Knight takes its name from the sleeve valve engine; the "Silent Knight."  These were cars for beautiful people, in the Edwardian era of excess.  Cobalt blue shows this automobile to be a classic, understated in its elegance.  Our '18 Knight is pure elegance.  The scent is a smooth combination of spice and amber, including coriander, cinnamon, patchouli, vetiver, and sandalwood.   Grab your driving gloves, a dapper hat, and enjoy a luxurious, warm ride.